YDO is the name of the School that has prepared us for life. "Yuksek Denizcilik Okulu"

YDO Marine Services, LLC, a Florida based Marine Survey company, in West Palm Beach, Florida;
Specializes in the following fields:
  1. Marine Cargo Surveying
  2. Scrap Cargo Surveys/ Attendance/ Grading
  3. Project Cargo Loading/ Dicharge Operations
  4. Pre Purchase Vessel Inspections
  5. Condition Survey
  6. Draft Survey
  7. On Hire/ Off Hire Bunker Survey
  8. On hire/ Off Hire Hold condition Survey
  9. Port Captains
Scope of Our Work
Our service area is the Entire Eastern Coast of USA and Canada, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and South America.
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We Survey various project cargoes and perform bulk loading attendance
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